BAM Express has offered safe expedited worldwide courier service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays since 2000. We transport cargo out of the Sothern California area. We specialize in transporting human tissue, medical equipment, IT equipment and mechanical equipment.

We also provide rapid airport recovery services, including live animals.

About Us

BAM Express has been a Customer Service focused business since 2000. Our journey began as a small delivery business in the Inland Empire. We now service throughout Southern California. Our business has grown both in service and employees in the last 19 years. We strive to continue to give exceptional service using value-based pricing and the best Customer Service in the industry. We have an exceptional, diverse workforce that tries to exceed your expectations on a daily basis. Leadership is very important in our industry.

It all started with Balmore Martinez having a dream and setting out to be the best in the delivery business. No job is too big or too small.




We provide:
• 24-hour service
• 7 days a week
• 365 days a year


Phone: ‭(909) 717-1466‬      Fax: ‭(909) 740-1219‬